well, hello there.

I stopped blogging about personal things for awhile.

But after about 3 years of not posting regularly, I decided to start up again. But to do things a little differently this time.

I have been in a season of spiritual hunger, and not feeding myself. It’s been a season of diverting my attentions elsewhere. I know a lot of people share this hunger, and this need to draw close.

It is not my intent to overshare in here (like I have admittedly done in the past)– that’s what my journal is for, and a few close friends, and anyone I consider a spiritual mentor. My circle of trust.

My intent here is to share meditative pieces I write and thoughts on different bits I read. Sometimes, I might just post quotes or articles I think are interesting with a quick blurb.

It’s all a part of my meditative journey, to become more integrated and to be feeding on the Word of God and interacting with it.

I invite you to eat with me, to share and respond.


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