30 before I’m 30

Today, I turned 25 years old.

If you’re wondering about that quarter-life crisis, it’s already been happening.

In fact, I turned 25 right in the climax of the crisis, and I just lost my job.

But don’t cry for me. I am oddly happy that they let me go. I am very loyal and find it hard to leave anything I commit myself to. It’s a good time to move on and pursue my dreams.

Apart from pursuing the dream, there are others I’d like to do.

I am giving myself 5 years to complete this list of 30 items. Before March 7, 2016. I will blog about each one, don’t you worry your pretty face.

1. Complete a 5 block long hopscotch course.

2. Have a party where I only invite strangers.

3. Dread my hair.

4. Find that one place with wall-to-wall trampolines and GO.

5. Develop a solid friendship with a homeless person (and who knows, I could end up being homeless).

6. Dumpster dive for food as my only source of sustained existence for 2 weeks.

7. Visit New Zealand and follow the herds of sheep (in a hot air balloon, and then by land.)

8. Be an extra in a movie (like The Hobbitt).

9. Write a screen play. Or a develop a quirky tv show based on some prior oddball experiences.

10. Master the art of French cooking. And then try out Ethiopian…

11. Work myself up for a very long distance bike ride (across US is too ambitious, so we’ll say across State. Rhode Island won’t count.)

12. Learn how to play the banjo. And then try to jam with some bluegrass types.

13. Camp out one night on a rooftop. Better than in the woods with the snakes.

14. Obtain incredibly toned arms (working on those muscles).

15. Go to an important event in an outfit synonymous with Helena Bonham Carter’s Oscar worst dressed.

16. Publish a book of food poems.

17. Create a youtube series of videos (like “cook dancing with janelle” or “janelle’s series of terrible blind dates”).

18. Memorize all of Katherine Hepburn’s lines in “Bringing Up Baby”

19. Read the entire Old Testament (mainly, this means get through Leviticus and Chronicles).

20. Become an expert on every veggie.

21. Write a fantasy novel with the handsome hero strongly resembling Sufjan Stevens

22. Live in a commune.

23. Develop a *new* interpretive dance to perform at parties ( it can’t be “Don’t Stop Me Now,” “Circle of Life” or “Just A Girl.”)

24. Become a solid

a) swing dancer or

b) ballroom dancer or

c) contra dancer (I’m giving myself options because this is a long shot).

25. Become somewhat OK at singing again. Join a choir.

26. Sky dive.

27. Eat at my relatives’ house in Naples, Italy.

28. Retrace James Joyce’s footsteps in Ireland. Write stream-of-conscious, unconnected scenes inspired by this walk.

29. Conquer a food challenge, so my name is written in a restaurant’s hall of fame. Preferably on the wall, in big shiny red letters.

30. Take a martial arts class.


2 thoughts on “30 before I’m 30

  1. Re #20, I understand there are 30,000 edible plants. I know who we will be inviting over to help out with the variety.

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