Advent Longings

“I’m longing, is that enough? I’m trying to let go and trust I’m dying each day, everyone does We need you, and your son, and his blood.” -Enter the Worship Circle I did not used to be a fan of the Christmas season. I am not a grinch, I am just naturally resistant to popular […]

It is dangerous to hope

Yesterday was Halloween. It is one of my favorite holidays. Trick or treating never happened for me as a kid. It was church “Hallelujah” parties every year. As much as I wanted in on the trick or treating, I was very content to attend these parties. It meant I got to dress up. I could […]

Naomi and Shadday

Naomi was a lot like Job. I never knew that. For context, this is Naomi from the book of Ruth in the Old Testament. Ruth is a very short book and I used to see Naomi as a minor character within the book. Wrong. She is a pivotal part of the story. Although her story […]

Loneliness and the Christian: Part 2

The other night, I gathered with a few friends and watched part 1 from a Polish film from 1989, called The Dekalog. It is a series of ten shorts with plots loosely based upon the Ten Commandments. We watched  the first one based on “Thou shalt not have any gods before me.” Without giving too much […]

when i feel depressed

I think 2013 might be the year of my spiritual awakening/ meltdown. Funny how these coincide, eh? Over this past year in seminary I have become startingly more aware of my feelings. My feelings overwhelm me. Darkness does even more. Maybe that’s where the spiritual warfare comes in. As I am drawing closer to Jesus, […]

the time I was counseled in the English department

I am a professional at comparison, so as I write it, I have noted my tendency to down talk myself. I have a history of down talk (just see my blog from last week, or any blog I have written). For example. I never thought myself to be a talented writer. I became an English major because […]